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Radio Astronomy – Listening to Space

     It is said that there is no sound in space. But radio astronomy allows people to literally listen to it. “Radio astronomy is the study of celestial objects that give off radio waves” (NSF). It is a branch of astronomy solely focused on the ‘radio’ part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Using this, scientists’ study celestial objects which give off radio waves. Radio astronomy helps people analyze cosmic happenings that are invisible on the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s the study of the universe using radio emissions.  History      Radio astronomy started in 1932, when Karl G. Jansky, engineer, solved a puzzling problem: there was noisy static that was interfering with the short-wave radio for the transatlantic voice communications. After trying to find the source for moths, he discovered that it was moving across the sky. After discussing with some astronomers, he found that some radio waves from outside the solar system – in the center of the Milky Way – were the cause of the pro
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Crater Lake Trip: August 2022

     This summer, me and my family decided to go to Oregon, on a 4-day road trip. We went to one of the deepest lakes, took selfies with cheetahs, and survived each other's company while being crammed into a car. This is our trip: Planning, Packing, and Preparing We found out about our trip on Sunday, August 7th. Amma and Nanna had planned our entire itinerary out, to the very last detail. We spent around 45 minutes learning every single detail of our trip, including where we would be staying, which were two Airbnb's which I will describe later. Over the next week, everybody packed nonstop, and planned what they should bring. Anuraag got binoculars, and we got card games. Everyone was excited. We had a few disagreements, but in the end, everything worked out. Day One: The Car Our first day of the trip was exciting, to most. I wasn't feeling well for the first few hours, so I didn't have much fun at the beginning. It was a long drive, almost 8 hours. We started at 8 in t

Anuraag's First Swim Class: Experiences & Issues

    Swimming is a sport enjoyed by tons of people all over the world. Today, my brother Anuraag, who is three, had his very first swim class, at the Julius Boehm Pool, in Issaquah, Washington. Anuraag is a very stubborn person, so since it was his first time in water, we didn't know whether or not he would get in the pool. But our suspicions turned out to be wrong because he jumped in the water immediately and attempted to blow bubbles. Anuraag's class had two other kids, girls, and one instructor, Kate (maybe). She told them to play and gave them pool toys so that they would be comfortable in the water. But they didn't start in the main pool directly. Instead, they were in a high leveled section, which was barred off from the main pool. This section's height enabled them to stand up, without completely being submerged in the water. Once everyone was comfortable, the instructor told them that she would hold them in the main pool, so that they could feel relaxed in deep

Top 15 Places to Go in Washington

When you're looking for a little bit of everything, Washington State is your place to go. It has everything from snow to sun, with activities for both people who love the great outdoors, and those who prefer to stay inside. This post will contain the top 15 places to visit in Washington State. Olympic Game Farm If you love animals, but would rather just stay in your car, then The Olympic Game Farm was made just for you. It is a drive-through wildlife exhibit, where animals come right up to your vehicle. The most exciting part is that you can feed the animals, they eat right out of your hand! It is fun for the entire family.   Hoh Rainforest Located on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington, the Hoh Rainforest is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the United States. It contains abundant wildlife and has beautiful trails for hikers. It is considered the ‘most well-preserved temperate rainforest’ and is home to some of Earth’s largest trees. And to add to the s