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Anuraag's First Swim Class

  Anuraag's First Swim Class Experiences & Issues Swimming is a sport enjoyed by tons of people all over the world. Today, my brother Anuraag, who is three, had his very first swim class, at the Julius Boehm Pool, in Issaquah, Washington.  Anuraag is a very stubborn person, so since it was his first time in water, we didn't know whether or not he would get in the pool. But our suspicions turned out to be wrong, because he jumped in the water immediately , and attempted to blow bubbles. Anuraag's class had two other kids, girls, and one instructor , Kate (maybe). She told them to play and gave them pool toys so that they would be comfortable  in the water. But they didn't  start in the main pool directly.  Instead,  they were  in a high leveled section, which was barred off from the main pool. This  section's height enabled them to stand up, without   completely being  submerged in the water. Once everyone was comfortable , the instructor  told them that she woul