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How the Universe Began: 7 (Of the Many) Theories

     Have you ever wondered how it all began? How our universe itself was formed? I know I have. People have tried to contemplate the answer to this mind-bending question since the beginning of time itself. And after years of wondering, they came up with 7 popular theories in response to one of humanities greatest mysteries. ** Note: These are in no shape or form all known theories, but merely the widespread or most popular ones 1. White Holes In order to understand a white hole, you need to know how a black hole works. Black holes are created by a star that died. This star then creates a hole that sucks all light and matter into itself, where it cannot escape. A white hole does the opposite thing; It spits out the matter. So, a white hole lives in the hypothetical region in spacetime, where it can’t take any material in, but only expel it. But white holes haven’t yet been proven to exist, and are a hypothesis created by Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. 2. Mirage of the Black H