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Little Known Truths About Coral Reefs - And Why They Matter

Coral What? Coral reefs are vital aquatic habitats that provide a significant percentage of Earth’s biodiversity, or various diverse organisms living within a given area. Scientists’ evaluations show that 25% or more of the world’s marine species live around or in a coral reef. Coral itself is not a plant, as many people mistakenly assume, but rather an animal. There are six thousand species of coral all over Earth, and they live in various places, from shallows to the deepest depths. Corals are colonial organism since they are actually many microorganisms and individual creatures linked together in order to survive. These fascinating creatures are polyps and use ions in seawater to make themselves limestone exoskeletons. Look What Humans Did Now…... Seeing that humans (no offense people) began to - in some way, shape, or form - slowly destroy the earth whether it’s the air or the sea, it’s no wonder coral reefs have been affected too. Human-caused, or anthropogenic activities, pose hu